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Comprehensive Chemical Solutions

At Pioneer Research Chemicals, we provide a wide range of top-tier research chemicals, medical reagents, stains, and dyes. Our services cater to hospitals, research facilities, universities, and government bodies, enabling advancements in various fields of study and innovation.


Denatured Alcohol

Our denatured alcohol is produced using advanced techniques to ensure purity and consistency. It is widely used as a solvent, cleaning agent, and fuel source in the research industry. With a commitment to quality, our denatured alcohol provides reliable and accurate results for all research applications.



Our isopropanol is extensively tested for purity and quality, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including cleaning, disinfection, and chemical synthesis. With its exceptional reliability and consistent performance, our isopropanol is a trusted choice for researchers and scientists.


Marine Science Products

From specialized reagents and stains for marine samples to innovative equipment for conducting research in marine environments, our marine science products provide researchers with the tools they need to explore and understand the complexities of the ocean and its inhabitants.


Staining Solutions

Our staining solutions are meticulously formulated to deliver consistent and reliable results in various laboratory applications. Whether you need solutions for histology, cytology, or general staining purposes, our high-quality products ensure accurate and vivid staining for clear visualization and analysis.



Our range of fixatives is designed to preserve and stabilize biological specimens for long-term storage and analysis. From formalin-based solutions to alcohol-based fixatives, our products provide researchers with effective preservation solutions to maintain the structural integrity and cellular morphology of specimens.

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