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BUY S.S.D SUPER AUTOMAT; SUPER AUTOMAT S.S.D.C solutions can clean any kind of defaced cash because they are made with a carefully formulated solvent. We provide these high-quality cleaning products at competitive prices for widespread industrial use.

Buy S.S.D. SUPER AUTOMAT ; is a professional laboratory that creates the greatest black note cleaning machines, Ultimate 2019 and S.S.D. SUPER AUTOMAT?C Solution. Our chemical works wonders; it cleans black notes of all kinds of money and puts them back in their natural shape. We provide our clients with user manuals and chemicals at competitive prices, so they can follow the cleaning instructions. Deploy skilled experts worldwide to handle money and work with percentages.

Washing a small sample of the black money

Next, the con artist will present the victim with a little vial containing the washing liquid and request that they choose any discolored banknote at random. After completing this, the con artist uses a solvent to wash the fake banknote and then, using a clever trick, replaces it with a cleaned real note. The conman may ¡accidentally” knock the bottle over on the floor, or there won’t be enough liquid to wash any more money.

substances utilized
Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross of ABC News learned the tactics of the trade from a Ghanaian national who was apprehended for the scam. Genuine one hundred US dollar bills are submerged in an iodine tincture solution after being covered in a coating of adhesive for protection. When the bill dries, it feels and looks black.

The bulk of the notes are actual sugar paper; the victim switches the iodine-coated note for the one they chose to clean. In actuality, the “magic cleaning solution” is simply water diluted with crushed vitamin C tablets. Ordinary raspberry drink mix was discovered to be the magic cleaning solution in another arrest. Currently, Ca(OH)2 and Mg(OH)2 are employed, and their notes are dissolved in these solutions.

Our Offerings
Cleaning solutions are provided by where to S.S.D. SUPER AUTOMAT solution organization for all strong currencies. We offer automatic machinery with our technicians to complete huge preservation works to client countries and the cleaning of black notes in Rands, US Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Pula, Namibian Dollars, and so much more.


Additionally, we specialize in the analysis of anti-breeze bank notes. Chemical melting and recovery of all varieties of bad currency, from black to white (staining money), is what we do. Antifreezing Measures and Ready-Made Deicing Agents, SSD Resolution. The Tebi-Magnetic solution, Vectrol paste, tampered with money, chemical for cleaning. dimmed banknotes, Black-marked currency, anti-breeze bank notes, black-coated notes, cleaning black money, vectrol paste, SSD solution, super automated solution,

Cleaning with Activating Powder illicit funds. We employ chemicals using NANO technology to maintain large amounts of money in defaced form.

We provide you with home kits and handbooks, so you can try creating your own cleaning supplies on a smaller scale.

Success Stories where to BUY S.S.D SUPER AUTOMAT? Worldwide Science Associates manages the multi-program multinational business C Chemical Company Limited on behalf of the United States Department of Currency (DOC). This US-based corporation employs about 153 scientists, engineers, technicians, and support personnel, in addition to about 220 visiting researchers each year. The personnel of our organization is available to train researchers in systematic, efficient fieldwork methods. Serving the global financial industries for more than 38 years, we are happy to have earned certification and established ourselves as a provider of superior money cleaning services in addition to professional services.

SSD SOLUTION, Supreme Solution, universal Solution, SOLUTION PK 58, CONSERVATION, ACTIVATION AND REACTIVATION, PARACIENT POWDER, VECTROL PASTE, ZUTA S4, CASTROX OXIDE, THE TESTING DOSES, AUTOMATED MONEY DEVELOPER MACHINES, CONGEAL CHEMICAL MELTING EQUIPMENTS, TEMPERATURE. CONTROLLERS. Our right chemical cleans perfectly any kind of defaced currency, black, red, green, or white, without leaving any stain on the notes after cleaning.

All our chemicals are sold with a manual guide that provides instructions on how to use them to perform the cleaning. Cleaning machines are also available for customers on needs. Our company is an endorsed and certified company, registered and licensed for the manufacturing of all sorts of chemical solutions, based here in Dubai, United Kingdom, and in the United States of America. We also have branches in most parts of the world.

Principal attributes/specifications SUPER AUTOMAT S.S.D.C solution is Use for cleaning bills
We lead the industry in cleaning bank-stained notes from pink to black-dyed currency. The best chemical available for removing markings from banknotes, defaced cash, and similar materials. The strength and speed of this chemical, which can clean notes and coins with BREEZE capacity, will astound you. We have limited SSD solutions in stock for clearing the “Black Money,” also known as the Anti-Breeze Banknote.
We can provide a replacement at a fair price if your cleaning solution has hardened or coagulated over time and you have the ‘Black Money’. The where to BUY S.S.D SUPER AUTOMAT is designed to clean banknotes that have been vandalized.



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