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Buy 5F-BB22 Crystal

BUY 5F-BB22 Crystal is an analytical reference substance that falls under the synthetic cannabinoid (CB) structural category. With pEC50 values of 8.55 and 7.97 for human CB1 and CB2 receptors, respectively, it is a complete agonist.1,2 5-fluoro PB-22 mimics the in vivo effects of?9-THC by potently and dose-dependently inducing hypothermia and lowering heart rate in rats.1. Applications in forensics and research are the target markets for this device.

Pharmacology At 1.94 nM for CB1 and 0.266 nM for CB2 cannabinoid receptors, 5F-BB22 binds as a complete agonist.

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Our synthetic cannabinoids are very similar to naturally occurring componentĀ found in the cannabis plant, despite being synthetic. They are linked to great selectivity and little to no toxicity in addition to functioning on cannabinoid receptors in the same way to release their effects. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that our cannabinoids elicit the same responses in the neurological system, which is particularly significant for study.

Buy 5F-BB22 Crystal




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