Buy 4-MPD Crystal


Buy 4-MPD Crystal

Buy 4-MPD Crystal, a stimulant medication of the cathinone class that has been offered for sale online as a designer drug. It is also known as 4-Methylpentedrone and 4-Methyl-?-methylamino-valerophenone. It is the p-methyl derivative of pentedrone and a higher homolog of 4-methylmethcathinone (mephedrone) and 4-methylbuphedrone (4-MeMABP).

It has been discovered that 4-methyl-?-ethylaminopentiophenone (4-MEAP), a similar chemical, is being sold erroneously as 4-methylpentedrone.

There is not much of a distinction between an amphetamine and a cathinone. The sole thing that separates phenols is the presence of a ketone at the beta carbon. The beta-keto amphetamines are a specific class of chemicals that are substituted cathinones. The primary psychoactive substance found in fresh leaves of Catha edulis, commonly referred to as Khat, is called ketamine.

With an alkyl substituent in the alpha carbon and a ketone in the beta carbon, the cathinone’s basic structure is actually a phenethylamine backbone. The substitution around the aromatic ring, the alkylation of the nitrogen or inclusion of the nitrogen atom inside a ring structure, and the alteration of the alkyl substituent in the alpha carbon are the several predictable modifications to this basic structure.

Product Description: Cathinones, such as 4-methyl Pentedrone, are analytical reference materials. Applications in forensics and research are the target markets for this device.

Technical Information
Formal Name: 2-(methylamino)-1-(p-tolyl)pentan-1-one, monohydrochloride
Molecular Formula: C13H19NOHCl
Formula Weight: 241.8
Purity: ?98%
Formulation: A neat solid
?max: 261 nm
InChi CodeInChI=1S/C13H19NO.ClH/c1-4-5-12(14-3)13(15)11-8-6-10(2)7-9-11;/h6-9,12,14H,4-5H2,1-3H3;1H
Shipping & Storage Information
Storage: -20°C
Shipping: Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
Stability: ? 5 years
WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.

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