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Buy 3-CMC Crystal

Buy 3-CMC Crystal is a stimulant drug of the cathinone class that has been offered online as a designer drug, primarily in European nations including Sweden, Italy, and Poland. It is also known by the names 3-Chloromethcathinone and clophedrone. 3-Chloro-N-(t-butyl)cathinone, the chemical structure of which is closely related to the antidepressant and anti-addictive drug bupropion, is significantly distinct from 3-CMC’s pharmacological profile.

Chemical and physical data
Formula: C10H12ClNO

Molar mass: 197.66 g/mol

Legality  3-CMC Crystal

As of October 2015 3-CMC is a controlled substance in China.

3. The ketone substitution on the amphetamine skeleton’s beta carbon distinguishes CMC and other cathinones, making them?-keto-amphetamines. 3-On its cathinone skeleton, 3-CMC has two methyl substitutions: one at the nitrogen group (RN) and another at the phenyl ring’s R3. 3-CMC is structurally identical to mephedrone, with the exception that the methyl group is positioned at R3 rather than R4.

3- CMC is only sold for use in research; it is not to be used for any other reason, including but not restricted to in vivo diagnostics, foods, medications, medical devices, and/or cosmetics for people or animals.

Please make sure your workspace is well ventilated and that you are adequately prepared to handle research chemicals before placing an order.

The minimum age to order this product is eighteen.

3. It is lawful for CMC in our nation of origin. It is your duty to be aware of and compliant with local, state, federal, county, and local laws. Should you decide to place an order, we take no liability for any actions or outcomes.

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