AMB Fubinaca Psychonaut


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AMB Fubinaca Psychonaut

AMB Fubinaca Psychonautis a designer drug that was discovered in 2013 in synthetic cannabis blends found in Japan. It was the third most prevalent synthetic cannabinoid found in substances that the Drug Enforcement Administration had confiscated in 2018.

According to reports, the (S)-enantiomer of MDMB-FUBINACA Powder has EC50 values of 1.2 nM and 3.5 nM, respectively, making it a strong agonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This information is outlined in a 2009 Pfizer patent. Like SDB-001 and STS-135, MDMB-FUBINACA Powder has a carboxamide group at the 3-indazole position. Given that the only difference between MDMB-FUBINACA Powder and AB-FUBINACA is the substitution of a tert-butyl group for the isopropyl group, it seems to be the result of rational drug design.

An analogue of MDMB-FUBINACA Powder, ADSB-FUB-187, containing a more functionalized carboxamide substituent was recently reported.

Technical Information
Formal Name: N-[1-(aminocarbonyl)-2,2-dimethylpropyl]-1-[(4-fluorophenyl)methyl]-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
CAS Number: 1445583-51-6
Molecular Formula: C21H23FN4O2
Formula Weight: 382.4
Purity: ?98%
Formulation: A neat solid
InChi CodeInChI=1S/C21H23FN4O2/c1-21(2,3)18(19(23)27)24-20(28)17-15-6-4-5-7-16(15)26(25-17)12-13-8-10-14(22)11-9-13/h4-11,18H,12H2,1-3H3,(H2,23,27)(H,24,28)
DEA Schedule: I
Shipping & Storage Information
Storage: -20°C
Shipping: Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
Stability: ? 3 years
In the United States, ADB-FUBINACA is a Schedule I controlled substance.

Metabolism of AMB Fubinaca Psychonaut

There are 23 ADB-FUBINACA Several incubations with cryopreserved human hepatocytes revealed the presence of key metabolites. Alkyl and indazole hydroxylation, terminal amide hydrolysis, ensuing glucuronide conjugations, and dehydrogenation were the main metabolic processes.

Side Effect of AMB Fubinaca Psychonaut

Intoxication with MDMB-FUBINACA Powder has been connected to one death from coronary artery thrombosis.

The use of this substance is believed to have contributed to at least 8 further deaths in Hungary in 2015; all of the victims were under 21.

WARNING: Do not use this product on humans or animals.


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